The amazing thing about the software/tech industry is its openness and willingness to give back to the community. This is an industry that was born out of people's hobbies. There are a lot of amazing resources online: open-source tools, services like Vercel, which I use to host this blog and a lot of content to learn from. These blogs and tools helped me build my website, and I hope that they serve as an inspiration to build yours too.

Juan Olvera's Blog was the first one I found on my quest to build a blog. My goal was to build a static site powered by markdown and his post on rebuilding his blog with Next.js was the blueprint I needed. His post also helped me discover the blog of the next person on this list!

Max Stoiber's Blog is an amazing resource. I had wanted to learn styled-components and what better way to learn than going through the code written by one of the creators of styled-components!

Both the blogs are open source, and I frequently dived into their code to learn how to do things. Through this, I was able to learn about things like SEO, which is not directly related to code. Going through the Head component, for example, led me to discover Open Graph and Twitter Cards.

Josh Comeau's blog is one of the most fun and beautiful blogs I have ever seen. The animations and sound effects! I can't get enough of it 😍. I followed his guide for building the perfect dark mode. His blog was the inspiration for my home page rebuild! It inspired me to learn how to animate on the web.

Ruslan's Abramov's guide is the source of the wonderfully springy menu animation that you see on mobile.

Designing things is not my forte! My initial choices for the background color(a deep red) with pink text was quesitionable, to say the least. Nord Theme is a beautiful open-source color palette that was the inspiration for the color palette I used on my site. The use of SVG's on this site is also exquisite.

Get waves is the free tool I used to generate the SVG section separators. Really cool and easy to use!

I was inspired to make this blog because of Dan Abramov's. I want to learn to communicate complex programming concepts the way he does. I particularly love his blog on algebraic effects.

Lastly, I have some really solid friends! Vaishnavi Chandrakumar made the SVG of me for me and helped me choose the colors. Check her out on Issuu and Instagram.