About Me

Hi, I'm Hiranmaya Gundu. I'm a software developer from India, currently based in San Francisco.

I'm a Software Engineer at Sigma Computing, working on making a better Business Intelligence tool.

Work Experience

Sigma Computing (Jun 2023 - Present)

Software Engineer

I worked on Version Tagging, a feature that allows users to create and manage versions of their workbook.

MiQ Digital India (Jun 2019 - Aug 2021)

Software Engineer - II

I was part of the team that built a workflow engine that was used by analysts internally. I helped build and maintain a drag-and-drop workflow editor, built integrations with other services using both REST APIs as well as using a cutsom Kafka based messaging system. I also helped contanierize and kuberntize the application, and built CI/CD pipelines for it.

Technical Skills


DevOps Tools

Workflow Tools